Salon Enigma Helsinki

Frequently asked questions


Answers to frequently asked questions: 

       I am sick or someone in my family is sick and I have appointment today, what should I do?
      - Call or text your hairdresser, we will make you new appointment and we don´t charge
      if you are sick.

      Is there any discount for students and retirees?
    - Normally we don´t but now for the celebration of the New Year 2022, we offer -15% discount

      for students with the student pass and retirees on January.



Can I have styling products in my hair when I am coming to Curly Cut? 
- Yes. 


Does Curly Cut meaning cutting a lot of layers? 
- The cut is cut completely according to the customer's own wishes.


Can I have curly counseling?
- Absolutely! You will also receive an information pack via email if you wish.


Can I get the correct products suitable for my hair?
- Absolutely!


Does it matter if my hair is dirty? 
- Does not matter.


Do you make vegetable colors or clay bleaches at all?
- Yes, you can book plant coloring for Anna. Otherwise we use normal colors and lightening colors. However, we are able to make a really gentle mix.


There are no times in Timma, do you still have time for me?
- Timma is always updated and up-to-date, and you will always find the next free time there. Unfortunately, Susanna cannot take on new customers. There are times for Nora, Anna, Anu, Anamari and Jaana for the January and February.


How long do I have to wait for my own time?
- Now we have available appointments straight away!


Do you often have cancellation times?
- Nowadays when covid situation we might have yes.


Can I queue for a cancellation?
- Yes, you can send us an email!


How do I contact you?

- Contact Anamari or Jaana.

Contact information: Anamari: / 041-7582465 (Finnish, Spanish, English)
Jaana: (Finnish)
- Susanna (Finnish, English)
- Anna: (Finnish, English)
- Nora: (Spanish, English, Italian, French (No Finnish))


Can I buy Curly Girl Approved products from you?
- Yes, welcome to shop directly at our store or online store.